Freight Shipment

Use miles to redeem freight!
Air Côte d'Ivoire provides you with opportunity through its sMiles program.
Indeed, the miles accumulated through your travels allow you to pay your freight shipping costs. They are done in tranches of 10 kg on the destination of your choice and according to an established scale.
However, it is the responsibility of the beneficiary to underwrite the taxes incurred on the transport of the goods. These taxes vary depending on the country and the nature of the goods.
Conditions for granting the award

  • The request must be made at an Air CI agency within minimum 07 days before the scheduled flight date ;
  • The award is valid only for a flight course, that is to say a one-way flight ;
  • The award cannot be cumulated with an award ticket ;
  • The award is non-transferable ;
  • The award is recorded by tranche of 10 kg with a minimum general charge equivalent to 30 kg;
  • The award is valid for 01 month from the date of issuance of the coupon ;
  • 1 single date change is allowed after issuance of the coupon ;

No refund of miles is permitted after issuance of the coupon and in case of expiry of the validity period.