Card Levels

The card has 04 levels as explained below:

  • The first 03 levels are classics ;
  • The 4th level is an honorary level.

Each level has distinct privileges to express our gratitude for your loyalty and commitment.

  • The 3-Stars Level represents the 1st level in our program. It is available on mere request and you receive it as soon as you make your 1st trip.
  • The 4-Stars Level is reached when you earn minimum 25 000 miles accumulated during a time period.
  • The 5-Stars Level is accessible when you reach 60 000 miles.
  • The Diamond Level is the highest level in our program.




3 Stars

Up to 24 999 miles


4 Stars

From 25 000 to 59 999 miles

3 years

5 Stars

From 60 000 miles

3 years


Upon invitation or 100 000 miles

3 years


Validity and renewal of cards
The 3-Star card is permanent. As for the others, they are valid for 03 years from the entry date in the level.
Renewal of cards will be based on the card expiration date (e.g. membership in March 2013 / expiration date end of March 2016).

Change level
The attainment of a higher level will be based on your volume of consumption.
Transition to a lower level: the change occurs if after 36 months no activity is recorded in the member’s account.