Award Ticket

With accumulated miles, get a free trip to the destination of your choice or that of a loved one. Depending on the miles accumulated, you can enjoy a free one-way or round-trip ticket on economy or business class.
However, these tickets are exclusive of tax and so the applicant must be ready to pay the inherent taxes. These taxes vary by country and airports. Their payment is done when the ticket is being issued and may be in cash or through credit card.
Award tickets can be subject to booking only if the seats are available on the desired route and in the class corresponding to the ticket. Air Côte d'Ivoire is the sole judge of the number of seats available per flight and per class.
Booking request with an award ticket must be done within minimum 07 days before the scheduled flight.
Getting an award ticket is also subject to the following conditions:

  • The request must be made exclusively at an Air Côte d'Ivoire agency ;
  • Only a single date change is possible after ticket issuance;
  • After departure, no date change is possible ;
  • No chaange in course or beneficiary is possible after ticket issuance ;
  • The validity of the award ticket is 3 months from ticket issuance date.

No refund of miles is permitted after ticket issuance and in the event of expiry of the validity period.